Thursday, June 27, 2013

Tweets to Still Your Mind

Some tweets I wrote to help me still my mind -  Koan-like in their nature .

    Ø  Heed the call. You know you've heard it.
    Ø  Silence. The mother of us all.
    Ø  My cat's purr is a dharma teaching worthy of a revered sutra.
    Ø  Yes, it hurts. It hurts a lot, but who said there is anything wrong with hurting?
    Ø  Why not now?
    Ø  What does the face of God look like? - Perhaps the question ought to be what doesn't it look like.
    Ø  If I am suffering, what am I leaving out?
    Ø  Why not this experience - right now?
    Ø  I am smiling gently and lovingly embracing this conditioning that is so often called me.
    Ø  We are already that which we seek. "Stillness, Silence, Spirit, God, call it what you like, it permeates all. It can never leave us.



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