Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Amy's Poem

When I speak to my friend now many years gone

Do not conclude that I’ve failed to move on

She possessed wisdom beyond twenty two years

To that I am drawn when darkness appears

A whisper aloud spoken soft in tones piano

Is joined with my voice in silence's daft echo

To corners of solace where world's get tuned out

And the voice of compassion need no longer shout

To Amy again, my troubles I send

And who else to trust but my very dear friend

The candle casts shapes on a wall just behind

Flames flicker, Smoke curls, as if to remind


That life does continue to sway and to dance

And only with movement do we each stand a chance.


A wick stands encased wrapped in blankets of flame

But though it seems trapped, no one’s to blame


The fire, as fire, is set there to burn

And wick without fire has naught but to yearn


True, leave it could not, that is not a wick’s lot

Can it rewrite its story command its own plot?


It can.  Tis true,  by being true to its being

For it's in that call that our essence finds freeing


For a fire’s to burn and wick’s is to stand

And each doing its part, is part of what’s planned


Let the whole world move through, relax, be alert

In the universe's dance there’s no way to get hurt


With perspective and motion you’ll view different sights

So in the end cower not from even the scariest frights


With vantage and movement  you’ll find different things

But from each chosen spot you can join that which sings


The flame, wax and wick belong to the candle

And each with the other, knows it can handle


The tasks of its calling, sums greater than each

That to glow with endurance alone’s out of reach


But together they make one complete whole

With each part playing its integral key role.


My troubles earlier sent, soon fade in the light

As darkness gives way to the candle’s soft light


My whispers and cries to my friend quietly

There are answers, and soothing. Amy’s answered my plea.


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