Thursday, June 27, 2013


It has been a busy week for the Supreme Court in the United States. We saw decisons on Affirmative Action (sort of) the Voting Rights Act,  and Marriage Equality.   I am coming to grips with the roller coaster of emotions.  You might have noticed it in some of the recent writing like "Racism" and today's poem "Equality".  Equality feels ufinished.  It started out as a list and meter that did not rhyme but then I reordered it and rhymed the lines and tinkered with the meter.  I am afraid it is feeling a little too sing-song but then perhaps that is appropriate since it is mostly celebratory.   And perhaps, given the topic, it is just as well that it is not quite finished even as far along as we have come.   Let me know what you think?


Tuxedos ,
I do. and,
I’d do it again.
Puckered lip kisses,
white satin dresses,
festooned celebration.

Electrifying music,
floral khakis,
heck anything that’s you.
A circle of dear ones
a trip to cancun
Party pics at the zoo.

Justice of the peace,
broom jumping,
in the rain.
Fondant and chuppahs
I do, all over again.

Towards lives loved together
not  simply how we are taxed
injustice and shame when they ushered me out
as your grip on the world relaxed.
No, in the end I rejoice. They begin to see
All anyone ever wanted was.


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