Wednesday, August 29, 2012

What Do I Call You On This Day?



God is brokenhearted today.

I see it in the eyes of people all around me.

A monk immolates himself in protest against the regime

Another gunned down as his brothers watch in horror.

A woman cries “why not me” as her lover rends her heart

by choosing another.

A mother wraps her bald head in a scarf pretending it is

winter’s grip which is icy.

A child cries as she is kicked in the head by her friend on the swings.

Her friend cries too.

So many tears, such incredible suffering

And yet in the space of the story so much is left unsaid.




The girl now committed to justice in a far away land.

In the spaces.

A father toiling to change gun laws.

In the spaces.

Lovers gazing into the silence of each other’s eyes.

In the spaces.

Researchers mapping complex molecules and genes in a puzzle of

Dazzling and cosmic proportions. At stake the soul of existence.

In the spaces.



One could say that it's the ying and yang

Black and white, the give and take.

And this too would be right.

But even these are too neat and shiny a ribbon for

A package of infinite beauty.

Today, I will call you life.

on the lines and in the spaces.

All of it everywhere

So rich, so simple, so bittersweet.



Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dangerous Truth

Before they put him to rest they sang songs that called him nice.

And celebrated him with accolades.

He was always diplomatic, sweet,  careful.

words weighed to balance equations as he spoke.

Angling  pictures perfectly on the wall.

But even colorful, flat two-dimensional portraits can only represent depth.

And what is emerging now is no longer nice.

Instead it speaks of bare honesty.

honesty that will let nothing hide.

honesty of a searing glare.

honesty  willing to

sacrifice all because it is all.

Truth will set you free.

It will strip away more than you bargained for.

It will ask everything of you.

It will take everything.

If it did anything less, it would not be truth.