Friday, July 12, 2013

Remembering the Sacred

Don’t ever think for a second that this isn’t sacrosanct.
Your enlightened engagement is the source itself in operation.
The wearied woman who comes through these doors weighing the world in her heart,
the frightened maturing girl clasping a mother’s warm hand secretly in her woolen, winter layers, as
they wait in still silence;
as if holding tightly enough will restrain time’s indomitable succession.
When the director pulls off her glasses and rubs her eyes with the fleshy heel of her palms,
she pretends that it is not a tear appearing.
So many lines of legislation,  so much judgment.
Is there any understanding left in the world?

The survivor of 40 years  irate that her down on her luck daughter, miles away,  may lose
even more than she had to years ago on a cold metal table. 
As she dashes off a letter to a name in a distant capital she ponders – you represent me?

The father caught off guard by an unexpected question come too early.
Frantically charting the internet, determined to get right what no one did for him.
Do not let the shrill and strident clamoring of walled off and imprisoned compassion
dissuade you from your course.

No, do not forget for a moment the hands you’ve held, the minds you’ve touched, the bodies you’ve
healed, the hearts you’ve lifted. 
The benediction of your daily endeavors grace the world.
If good is to happen in this world it will only be through your compassion and kindness.
If peace is to reside in this land it will need rest in your hearts.

We belong to each other in unfathomable ways.
This would not be possible without you.
We are what we have been waiting for.
We need only remember it.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Few More Tweets

Love is for giving.  Its is ALL worth giving.

There is a silent place in all of us.  To go to there, to that still place, is to touch the real universe.

Stillness in yourself creates stillness in the world.  When you act, come from that place and witness the blossoming peace around you.

Surrender to the flow of life.  You were always being lived anyway.

Find the stillness in movement, the quiet in noise, the space in substance.  They all hold secrets.

Recognize you are the space in which all is, all happens, and act from that recognition.

The moment I try to speak truth I break a sacred covenant and yet . . .