Wednesday, June 26, 2013


It's dead you know.
We lynched that spectre.
Strung him up till he breathed no more
No longer to haunt us.
No more to lurk in the shadows.

Got indian legislators, hispanic mayors
a muslim in Congress, even a black president.
Well mostly black, his name is Iranian
and he can't prove that he's a citizen
but he's President after all.

This is post race society.  Get with it.
You climb to the top of the ladder in your own damn boots
Don't mind the bodies underneath you though
who have been the economic fuel for the growth of a nation.
After all, fuel is meant for consumption.

We can check off that box.
Racism killed.
It's all good now.
You can even go to old Chinese Dr. Nakamura for heart surgery.
That bean has definetly been counted.

Funny how the moment the electorate rose
Finally - " A Dream Advanced"
(Outvoted, what? by whom?)
Its wings were set ablaze.
You don't need white sheets and torches these days.

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