Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What I Learned

More than any captivating class or paper, course or major,
all nighter or postponed procrastination,
more than any hallowed  ground crossed by legion feet 
where pliant minds soaked in the genius of
sacred space and intellectual blossoming,
more than special dinners, flumes, turkey tetrazzini, trivia,
winter study, Bronfman movie nights, the dog house, 
Prospect late nights, Papa C's indulgences, or Mardis Gras queens,
the most enduring learning, that which altered my very marrow,
was the true meaning of friendship.
Formed in the trials of mind-bending, late night discussions,
shared vulnerabilities -- entrusted and soothed, 
and steadfast companionship unfazed by time, distance or sorrow.
These alchemized my heart
much like golden sun might project purple on a cow at sunrise and sunset
and renew wonder each day, infinite, and sustaining
thus changing forevermore how life is seen, loved, learned and lived.

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