Thursday, June 23, 2011

Heart of Darkness

Be where you are, fully, presently, wholly,
and if it is in darkness that you currently reside
savor its thickness, delight in its mystery
and the way it obscures vision.
Let it embrace you with its infinite capacity.

When darkness is its most potent
What is there? What is present in the heart?
You may think – but I cannot see
and I am frightened
and that may be true,
but of what my sweetness?
Do you think your sight has ever
brought you closer to your truest strength.
Precious, what if you
released your need to understand?

Darkness asks an alertness of us,
a readiness for anything
a collaboration with the unknown --
what we never really knew in the first place.
In darkness lies possibility and potential.
It is not to be feared
Its lead as the fall guy has hidden its obsidian beauty
It is the birthplace of galaxies
and the dearest currency of our own hearts.
Hearts which weep with our shared suffering.
Tears unending in tributaries source bound.

So easily we are lulled into believing to
fear the night – it is that of which we are most afraid.
But it is in the darkness that our greatest gift lies,
Our immense and unbounded completeness
Naked, vulnerable, powerless and alone.

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